Israel Has A Final Draft Plan To Bomb Iranian Nuclear Sites

Iran Nuclear facilities There is a strategic battle going on now, behind the scenes in world. The strategy is psychological and the methods are extremely premeditated. From the top down and now the bottom up everyone have access to these tools. Read on to find out what this means for you and me. The first thing to acknowledge is there are new weapons available that no one fully understands yet. Take communications and add that with a real, devastating conflict. From inside the world is educated on what is happening through telecommunications. The messages are mixed but mean something to intelligence.


The messages are translated differently globally as the message passes between borders of Iran from locals to mainstream media and it all happens very quickly.

Under these conditions therefore the real risk is the integrity of the media although the real message may have been something much more serious.

Overtly the key thing to understand is this: There are real weapons out there actually, the arguments stem from individuals who are able to articulate and convince.

The powers that be need to be as conscious of these things as indeed it is important to rely on new steams of media in the context of breaking news. I know this may seem slightly contradictory and obvious.

Some people really get effected by these types of words and the support people get supported by a hand held video is very real. The point is this although news from conflict areas within more overt ways of war and peace are genuine concern for a lot of people.

Plus the merits of those who travel somewhere to report conflict is changing, to many people have lost their lives recently for this to be ignored.

I am sure many of you will contest what is being said and we would love to hear you views on this. But now the best many of us can do now is this: Just be conscious of what is going on around you and stay awake to the possibilities.

Read moreThis wall painting depicts a scene from a 17th... This wall painting depicts a scene from a 17th century classical Iranian music ensemble. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption]

Israel is ready to attack Iran. The battle plan has been agreed. Will they give the go ahead?


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