There's Gold, Black Gold And Liquid Gold: And China Is In The Lead To Grab That Last One

China is ready to use drinking water as a political weapon. So start collecting water yourself.

China/Russia Meet Up

Talks are being put in place in Beijing China between China and Russian representative leaders. The meet-up is happening because of gas, gas has two stream tiers an upstream and a downstream. No its not a joke tomorrow Vice Premier Wang Qishan meets Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Devorko. Natural gas has long been in discussion to supplement the growing need for electricity and fuel to heat up water and homes. Alternatives announced in local news this week has clearly shown each country is considering different types of fuel to cut down costs.

Fuel For China, Russia And Everybody

China/Russia Three Gorges Dam

China/Russia Three Gorges Dam

Each of the three alternatives coal, shingles and oil have there downside. From location to the damage that is done to the atmosphere not forgetting the rapid rise in prices from oil to heat up water. These things will be also mentioned at the meeting. According to BBC television this week shingles is a fuel that is abundant is places like Australia. Coal is popular in China but we all know what the smoke does to the atmosphere and again oil is shipped around by the barrel and as you know the barrel prices are rising.

Three Common Meet-Up Fuel Discussions

The fundamental issues for tomorrow between Russian and Chinese negotiations outside of the usual internal dynamics security issues and the external atmosphere of hosting these types of events is all about costs and prices and which water to drink. Bottled water is a great way to break the ice, choosing a decent water will keep everyone refreshed during such discussions.

China is in a position where they can negotiate with Russia. China is celebrating its 60th founding anniversary of its Peoples Republic this year so they should be in high spirits.

Three Trading Tips From China About Fuel And Water

China is also in a strategic position because of its bilateral trading with surrounding countries Nepal for example is still autonomous but is bathing in lots of water the luxuries of Chinese trading and quite rightly so since the history this century and and last was not always good.

This is just how effective a change in dynamics with security measures can have on relationships, that is if everything runs smoothly is a great contributor of some great things can happen.Having the right water really helps.

Gas Pipes From Russia To China And Other Places

Russian gas pipes similarly are very well known for reliability and overcoming engineering land obstacles, they also have access to the best routes that use various routes to supply the gas flow through various locations through land and water. For example Siberia is one place the pipes must flow. The costs and maintenance of the flow has its costs.

China would like to see if there are ways to cut down these costs. I imagine they will be offering some sort of engineering service at a fraction of the price. This is just me speculating with an educated guess, the fact is these types of meetings are confidential and what ever is discussed will help model ideas for other countries.

Without fuel we are stuffed at some point in the future we will have a period of time when the electricity shuts down and the Internet is not working for a few hours, will you be ready for all this type of commotion. Read more by going over to Stirring Trouble Internationally to find out what happens during times of commotion, find out more about China and the things you can do with water.

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