Here we go again: Crafty Eggheads Making Up Stories about Aliens

The aliens are always in the movies, and according to the Chicago Tribune its this Sci-fi research is ruining it for the rest of us. The plot of new films is revealed even before the film is made or released.

Smiley Egg Head

Smiley Egg Head (Photo credit: themonnie)
Ben Delicious writes from London: Here we go again: a team of crafty eggheads have come up with a theory that there are billions – yes, not thousands or millions, but billions – of planets out there that resemble Earth.
 Here we go again: Crafty Eggheads Making Up Stories about Aliens

The plot of new films is revealed even before the film is made or released. Academia has given students the ability to find out more about films the scripts. The access to blogs and websites mean the publishing is made. The University of Wisconsin-Madison calls it popular criticism.
To confuse the subject and the students they are offering a screen of an old and dusty film from 1960′s with supermodels as stars to create intrigue in students. I am confident this type of research will cool the students down a bit from ruining the plot of the films for the rest of us. And I sure this will help generate more sales for Netflix movie streaming. Perhaps the 60′s film is something we will see mass marketed to the rest of the world.
According to the Chicago news they have delivered breaking news since 1847 that is over 150 years.
Here We Go Again: Crafty Eggheads Making Up Stories About Aliens
According to the Windsor Observer The Royal Harmonics A Capella Barber Shop choir take to the Eggheads and hoped to win the £23,000 on the television show.
Royal Harmonics to take on the Eggheads via (The Royal Borough WindsorObserver.co.uk)
The Nintendo DS has a game called Eggheads. Critics are out according to the Chicago Tribune Eggheads can now be friends, last Thursday.
BBC Eggheads photo 2009
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