How Jamie And Steven Decided To Battle Child Obesity

R.F.Wilson writes from London: Am I surprised to hear that TV chef Jamie Oliver and England footballer Steven Gerrard joined a very cause who all like food.

     Liverpool is well known for the Beatles and Jamie likes the Beatles according to the reaction on the echo from Paul McCartney. And Gerrard according to one of his team mates has dreams of food and always wanted to open up a restaurant.

Jamie Oliver,  Steven Gerrard And Food

     There are some great restaurants in Liverpool, chippies are like no where else and the chinese restaurants are great food too. You have not had a greasy spoon breakfast until you have explored Liverpool breakfasts, cheap, nice and a great cuppa. The venture between the two will inspire a lot of young people to get involved in the catering industry.

Celebs And Food

       On May the 19th there is the Food revolution Day. Jamie Oliver Food revolution day will be done all over the world this year, I think its Jamie's hope that people will change there eating habits and within schools kids will be taught better about nutrition so they can teach there folks a thing or two, maybe even do a bit of cooking in the kitchen.

      The Prince's Foundation has auctions in Christie's of famous celebrities self portraits this year includes Jamie Oliver Richard E Grant, Michael Caine and boy band The Wanted.

Children and Arts in conjunction with the launch of the Olympics are well pleased.

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