It’s The Economy, Stupid. Or What The Chancellor Should Do To Keep Boris Out

boris johnson
"Is it really true that immigrants will work harder for less? Is there really a difference in the ‘work ethic,’ or is that an urban myth?’" David Essex

      Boris Johnson this week is in opposition to the Chelsea Stadium in the City of London. The people of London are asking is Boris now a radical Tory Mayor as he serves his second term for Londoners who voted for him. there have been a lot of interviews with Boris especially on ITV there have been some great advertisements about the elections and Boris was on a lot of these posters, perhaps this is why he was so victorious.

     In Russia there have been a lot of government layoffs and soon this sort of thing may happen in Europe and the UK. Employment and unemployment is already at an all time low. Insurance companies are taking a stand to offer premiums for people who may loose there jobs soon.

     This is something they have done for a time but may have to relax these edemnities. In California 100K people are having there benefits stopped due to the economy dip.

     The federal law is being challenged by the people, this is perhaps why protests are happening. A lot of people seen what has happened here in the UK and been shocked but now are beginning to understand why people protest and I hope they manage to get a nice message across without being arrested or injured.

    At the same time anyone get involved in these rallies like we see all around the world, there is a slim chance these things happen. Its better not to get involved. Its best to help locally.

    It might be an idea to check whats happening on the Internet, go on vacation or bury your self in a film about politics, politicians or a good banker conspiracy film on Youtube.

Tax, Unemployment in Britain and the relationship between town Mayor and Prime Minister. It’s The Economy, Stupid. Or What The Chancellor Should Do To Keep Boris Out.

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