Hard Working William Hague Tells Lazy Brits To Work Harder

"From London: Hard working Foreign Secretary William Hague has come up with a no-nonsense message to all the lazy Brits out there: you’ve got to stop complaining and start working hard, you morons. Well, he didn’t exactly use the word ‘morons’ but his body language, if he could..." (R.F.Wilson)
     He tells bosses to work harder and suggests the Eurozone resolution will help UK and advises the country exports more of its skills and work outside of the country. Lord Jones has criticised William for his business advice.

     In current affairs this week in relation to William Hague Ministers are being advised by the CBI President that business owners should take notice of what Mr Hague is saying. Meanwhile The Guardian blames high street banks for low interest and Tories for not giving loans to people in start up businesses or loans for young couples.

    "Some even say that the Queen seems to be losing her interests in politics and even asked David Cameron whether she can deliver her next opening of parliament speech on Twitter." R.F. Wilson

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