Of Terrorist Plots Foiled. And Details About Them Kept Under Wraps

In this article Stirring Trouble takes a look at America intelligence services and how they are capture terrorists, American spooks and what they do, and how they get details of terrorism plots in America and the rest of the world. A video is included that was posted about three months ago on YouTube, the video is by Thomas Freidman who wrote the book The World Is Flat. The plot of the book was to show the economy is shifting and changing. We are also looking at the article called “Of Terrorist Plots Foiled. And Details About Them Kept Under Wraps“.” via (stirringtroubleinternationally.com).

American intelligence services and how they are capture terrorists

The US Navy spoke about Sonar explosives plot (Yahoo! America and CTA.ca in Canada) and the damage they can potentially cause out at sea. Marine smoke bombs or flares reported in Houston Texas (khou.com) and the bandit suspects in California court (San Gabriel Tribune Journal).

US intelligence community and who they help

This week reportedly the ‘Bay of Pigs’ plot history is examined within the intelligence community, underwater bomb plots and how the FSB in Russia has uncovered a stash of explosive weapons that are allegedly stashed to disrupt with terrrorism the Sochi 2012 games. They also are responsible for any attacks on FBI agents, search for war criminals and spear head the competitive market competition. In LA America they are doing counter intelligence on CEO’s and rogue stock traders.

American spooks and what they do

Spooks look at the market there are a lot of spooks in the Arab world and the Middle East. Inside wall street there are many spooks in banking and explosive stock trading. Many spooks are paid by companies like Cisco to gain intelligence about IT. Spooks are basically investors who make money. 
In Britain this week spooks star is acting in the amphitheatre, watching the TV show Spooks will give you a better incite into what spooks do in Britain to stop terrorism. Knowing this stuff can help you find employment these days.

How they get details of terrorist plots

Terrorist plots
Terrorism plots in Russia are quo shed quite a lot , Iranians since the troubles are always on the look out for terrorist plots especially during holiday periods. To the left is a picture of a plane and is to reassure you that there is no danger on your plane flight, everything is under control and if there is any plot then it will be stopped very soon, OK.
In America according to Disinformation says many terrorist plots are hatched by the FBI themselves. Disinformation is a satirical news website which is very funny.
In the mainstream news in America the New York Times continues look at the same topic as Disinformation.
Many terrorism plots are between one country to another a prime example of this right now is Iran and Israel and any Bin Laden plots one reported this week in Malta, check that out it should give you a better incite into how they get details before they happen.
“Ted Obvious writes from Washington:
“So, let’s get this straight: the CIA working together with other intelligence agencies across the world has foiled a ‘major plot’ to blow up a passenger plane bound for the United States.”
Quoted from the post which I am referring to “Of Terrorist Plots Foiled. And Details About Them Kept Under Wraps“. Please go over and have a read.
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  • Undercover agent who foiled Al Qaeda bomb plot was British national (itv.com)
  • Underpants bomb plot leak by US ‘puts British spy in danger’ (thisislondon.co.uk)
  • Russia says it foiled terrorist plot against Sochi (mercurynews.com)