PM Cameron Says He Cant’s Be A True Tory Because Of The Lib Dems

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"PM Cameron Says He Cant’s Be A True Tory Because Of The Lib Dems
over on stirring Trouble Internationally about Lib Dems. Details about marriage stirring trouble has boiled the article down and looked at some other politicians and what outside sources and tabloids are saying about that. They include PR services, the queens speech and the world Socialist website.

Stirring Trouble Internationally News

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PM Cameron True Tory Because Of The Lib Dems

Thomas Mathew writes about developments on the political front in Britain about the Tory Prime Minister David Cameron. Thomas looks at an interview with liberal tabloid newspaper, the Daily Mail with Cameron,and identifies with the right-wing paper since the merger with the liberal party.

Lib Dems And Relationships In Britain Because Of The PM

Some other topics addressed are marriage and what the views of British politicians to the PR spin from America on the topic. Thomas makes some interesting links with the relationships of politicians and highlights some interesting views on how other British politicians who are following Liberal Democratic views will impress by comparison China.
Other related news to Lib Dems is something that Thomas Mathew likes to mention and that is the Queens Speech, the World Socialist Website has covered this topic this week on the topic of Austerity.
  • UK Tories and Lib-Dems insist no retreat on austerity in Queen’s speech By Julie Hyland via (wsws.org)
  • Will the Lib Dems reach for the eject button? BY George Eaton via (newstatesman.com)
  • Angry Rants David Cameron, interview, Lib dems, Tory PM Cameron Says He Cant’s Be A True Tory Because Of The Lib Dems 
UK General Election results. Didn't vote - Did...
UK General Election results.Lib dems Conservative Labour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • The Lib Dems must not accept the snoopers’ charter(newstatesman.com)
  • Queen’s Speech 2012: Terrorists “will find it easy and cheap” to evade email and internet surveillance (telegraph.co.uk)
  • Nick And Dave: Vowing To Fight To Save Their ‘Open Marriage’(stirringtrouble.wordpress.com)

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