The World Of Economics. And Politicians Who Have Problems With It

Austerity examined by Nick and Francois and The world of economics. And politicians who have problems with it, Martin McCauley takes a look at what Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, said this week to cheer people up.
The Spanish state’s decision to bail out Bankia reveals that Madrid has grasped the magnitude of the country’s banking crisis. And the results in South America and how they could help one another and if they do everything should be fine. The problem highlighted was a problem with housing loans in Spain that never really lived up to expectations and the pressure form the Euro commitments to banks.
The Eurozone bailout funds, of course. So the taxpayer will have to pay.
JP Morgan Chase this week has been identified as a cause for share drops in recent US banks thanks to hedge funds and inaccurate porfolio’s and have admitted they are about to implement strategies to improve the situation. They are not the only onesGoldman SachsCitigroup and Morgan Stanley figures are down right now too. (myFinances.co.uk)
Greek politicians and austerity about the economy is very limited at the moment.
Fran├žois Hollande and Euphoria in France.
The French in comparison to Britain on the economic topic, tax rate rises and what Brussels is saying. All this information is stuff that the town mayor Boris Johnson is observing, to help London be up at its best for the London Olympics.

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The World Of Economics. And Politicians Who Have Problems With It.
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Government Expenses Worldwide as a Percentage ...
Government Expenses Worldwide as a Percentage of GDP (Photo credit: columnfive)
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