The Weirdest Thing About Pop Is The Dancing

my baby dancing on the stage to popular music
Dancing On Stage with my baby to popular music
Its true pop music dancing is really strange, many students dance to pop music at fresher balls, they should know better but they don't. Dancing has become an art its a pity most popular music fans do not realise this. They often copy the dance of the popular musicians who make the music. They do not always understand the art of dancing, they are probably studying something else.

This week over on Stirring Trouble Internationally Adam Lovejoy airs his views on why dancing to popular music is uncoordinated and basically a bit sloppy.

Dancing is by far one of the most easiest ways to stay in shape and to create harmony in your relationships.

Dancing is very euphoric and is a great way to heighten your vibration and in turn bring you more energy throughout the day. If you find dancing exciting then you should first find a type of music you like before dancing, else you may look a bit silly.

Understanding the music you are listening to is a good tip.

If you do not wish for any distractions whilst listening to music you can try listening to the instrumental version. You could even try listening to classical music, if you know the particular dance then you can dance to that.

Statistically you and your dancing say a lot of about who you are, if you are dancing to rubbish in a silly way they that could be perceived as you looking like rubbish and not really knowing what you are doing.

Its best to get the dancing sorted out, then you can go out and show the world what you can do. Some people even go on telly and do it.

Here in the UK there is a television show called Come Dancing and a lot of people like to watch that, rather than chance actually going out for a dance themselves. You can learn a lot from watching people dance, the worst that can happen is you will learn a few moves when dancing with your baby to popular music that you enjoy listening too.

He takes a look at the youth of today and has a rants about dancing to popular music and offers three simple solutions to stamp into these things in society today.

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