With The Clowns Running Britain You'd Think Comedians Would Have A Ball


Thomas Mathew writes from London: With the clowns running Britain these days you’d expect comedians to have enough material for thousands of routines. They don’t even need to invent anything, just tell about things as they are and it would be enough to have audiences rolling with laughter. In fact...

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Consider this: we’ve got an unelected coalition running the country into the ground, doing its best to cover up the great banking swindle, with billions still wasted on propping up the banks through dodgy schemes like ‘quantitative easing’, while forcing ordinary people to accept cuts to their budgets and blowing money on illegal wars, and yet not one funny man or woman find this hilarious and have a go at the culprits.

And we’ve got people like PM David Cameron and his sidekick Nick Clegg, heading a government without a mandate, dragging the country down, and even that doesn’t seem to interest comedians.


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