Time To End The Leveson Inquiry. It Was A Bad Idea In The First Place

Rebekah Brooks
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Lovejoy writes from London: If I were Lord Leveson, who is heading the inquiry into media ethics triggered by the revelations of phone hacking at the now defunct News of the World from the News International stable, I would have walked away from it weeks ago.
Time To End The Leveson Inquiry. It Was A Bad Idea In The First Place
What the papers are saying
This weekend the Sunday Express published Rebekah Brooks and husband in relation to phone hacking scandals is a witch hunt, The Daily Star in the UK reported headline was Fury Over Weak And Unjust Charges. The Scotsman described Rebekah as baffled about the situation and police charges against her husband. The digital SPy linked her being baffled about conspiracy charges, nothing new there. Further afield in New Zealand online journals report the relationship with Rupert Murdoch could mean some sort of cover up campaign to keep the Rupert Murdoch case going. In India the Economic Times calls it the rise and fall of Rebekah Brooks.
“The former News International chief exec, Rebekah Brooks, giving evidence about her friendship with former and current prime ministers and ministers.” Adam Lovejoy
British media proved to be impotent in the face of the financial crash, with not a single banker becoming a target of a proper journalistic investigation.”
Adam Lovejoy, Media
Time To End The Leveson Inquiry. It Was A Bad Idea In The First Place

Bender, Rupert Murdoch, Hank Hill (not pictured), and Thurgood Stubbs as phone operators (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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