Reminding Everyone That The Concept Of Superheroes Is A Satanic One

Dan Majestic writes from Hollywood: "As another superhero blockbuster, The Avengers, breaks all box office records in America grossing $200 million in its first weekend of release it’s probably a good time to remind everyone that the very concept of superheroes is a Satanic one". Via Stirring Trouble Internationally.

     In the entertainment news today Rhianna has done a duet with Armani in America. Also in the US John Travolta has an accuser who is in court this week according to film news. Top news this week in the field of Entertainment is in Dubai, Dubai seems to be getting some great amplification in the world of entertainment. This is another hotspot where people who have money and want to avoid the recession go. Other forms of entertainment news are in the new Samsung mobile phone entertainment deal, struck this week. Screen play news has more lightning news as Hemworth plays in a romance love and honour play.

     With the launch of the of the new super heroes Avengers films this week we are seeing a coming together of TV celebrities, all talking about the same thing, super heroes. Over on Stirring trouble Internationally they have connected super heroes with something surprisingly different you can read all about it over there the link is provided below. Other films looking out for are the Spiderman film a new Ben Affleck film and Scarlett Johansson talk with a women's lib magazine on the subject of Super-heroes. (CelebrityGossip). Most of the news about Heroes is all about the launch of the Avengers film a lot of people who like Iron Man are excited about this film. Its the same people who love the Captain America film, The Thor film and yes the little red devil film based on popular cartoon characters.

     This week you can subscribe for your heroes welcome conference, with Stan Lee at the helm, where by speakers are speaking about spirituality and emulating super-heroes in cartoons. It actually looks quite good, there is a charge for watching live via the website, you can attend if you live in America. Fans of brand Walt Disney will also like the super hero ideology. Super stars like the principles embedded in the super hero category because they feel like they are superstars when dressed in Spandex.

The same thing could have been said about George Galloway when he was on Big Brother a few years ago, he was dressed up like a super hero and he had horns on his head. Find out more about these things by going over to Stirring Trouble Internationally. Category: Entertainment  · No Comments » Reminding Everyone That The Concept Of Superheroes Is A Satanic One.

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