Is Europe Heading For A Revolution? Might Well Be

Protesting in London, Glasgow, Plymouth and Vermont.
Martin McCauley writes from London: You know what was really striking about the British local elections?
    As fair barriers rises loom in Glasgow this week according to the Glasgow Evening Times two weeks ago. And as the sales of Multi channel stations rise to keep people in their homes to avoid the recession we see other points of view in Scotland Plymouth and Vermont, USA. In America the point of view is about Adult protective services being introduced. These types of companies are run by Alien companies like they had in the film V where people are protected when they say yes, if they say no then the same company deals with that sort of thing too.
    The instability of Europe and the lingering rise of fuel fee's is all part of the instability according to Journalists. Meanwhile in Greece the instability in Greece and Europe is something not all parties are experiencing as more and more people go there on vacation, and more business meetings happen in luxurious secret hotels.
    Also joint ventures in Kyrgystan have now broken down due to lack of stability in the country. Kyrgystan AKI Press reports the loss. Across the pond in the USA the topic of revolution is based on cinema's and the gaming industry.
    Below this is a revolution by share holders because the shares are not doing very well. A folks still reminisce about how difficult it is Libya when actually trouble is brewing in Tunisia.
    Also in schools there is a digital revolution which is happening and its set to really springboard how education happens.
    China has always been at the forefront of this type of thing, but now the rest of the world can take advantage of all the case studies and results from using technology in education.
    The hyper universities and the pom pilot readers helped in the beginning but now most people have their heads buried in an IPhone or BlackBerry Android type phone.
     Marxism , communism and Trotskyites social peace and revolutions. Marx believed in three classes, the ruling class, the working class and the militia to keep the working class subservient.
What does this say about farmers who live in rural villagers and mill and plough the land. The world and technology has bewildered many and Brand Republic this week offer there answers in Marxism to help juggle around the resources we have at our fingertips, but you will have to opt in to find out more about that. Just Google Russel Davies and you should find that or have a look for yourselves over on Brand Republic. Is Europe Heading For A Revolution? Might Well Be

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