Time To Ask Lord Leveson: How About Taking A Closer Look At The BBC?

A closer look at the Leveson inquiry

About Taking A Closer Look At The BBC? The Leveson inquiry about media ethics Adam Lovejoy explains the topic more: “…the British world of news gathering doesn’t raise the thorny issue of left-wing bias at the BBC?

     It’s all about the News Corporation and phone hacking and the evil Rupert Murdoch. But why not look into the way lefties in Britain have hijacked a vast publicly funded broadcaster, turning it into their propaganda machine?”.
     The image is of Prospero statue in Oxford Street of the Radio station for the BBC and Lord Leveson who is head of his inquiry.
     How the media ethics and phone hacking has effected trust from the public.
     Adam also looks at the charter revealed by Lord Leveson current publications about the BBC and the future of moving into commercial broadcasting just like Rupert Murdoch and how this might effect the impact of future propaganda.
Again here is the link: Time To Ask Lord Leveson: How About Taking A Closer Look At The BBC?

A pie chart showing expediture at the BBC from the BBC Annual Report 2010/11 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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