Boeing 777-200ER Vanishes In East Malaysia Or Vietnam?

Boeing 777-2H6/ER der Malaysia Airlines am Kua...
Boeing 777-2H6/ER der Malaysia Airlines am Kuala Lumpur International Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The sad vanishing of Boeing 777 has surprised us all is this some magic trick or simply weird science, weird in that its not everyday we here of planes in Malaysia going missing. Anton Goryunov is in Kuala Lumpur talking about the Malaysian Airlines company that chartered flight to Beijing the missing plane where fragments only today have been seen.

News about the airliner at a time when push-button software to Mars and other space news of cosmonauts and astronauts successfully landing back on earth. Bangkok Boeing technology has malfunctioned or failed to keep tabs of where the plane is. Stirring Trouble Internationally takes a look at Mother Nature and pilot errors which one is most responsible find out in todays article.

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