Football And Cyborg Pharma Diseases

Wayne Rooney Sky TV pub sign
Wayne Rooney Sky TV pub sign (Photo credit: jontintinjordan)
Anton Goryunov is in Moscow reporting about the weeks football news and announcements from the world health organisation about pharmacies around the world and what they have done with old stock. Firstly read all about Wayne Rooney, the English Premiership and lab results from Yorkshire.

What could the results be about? New kidney being made from a new compound? Or something much more profound like electronic computational programs that write all on its own without anyone doing anything. This article takes another look at Al-Qaeda and the recent War On Terror. Find out more about probes sent from Earth to far of places. The post includes snippets of interesting news about the US and the Apollo Moon and beyond samples with snippets of sports football news sprinkled in about British football players.

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