Michele Obama Family Visit To China

Ted Obvious: News in from Beijing talks about Michele Obama in the Chinese media, she did a talk about human rights and sent sympathies to all family friends and work colleagues of the missing Boeing.

VT65191_2012003532-scrThe US First Lady is spending some quality time in China with her mom and the kids.

President Barack Obama is back at home taking a well deserved break and soon will be in talks with President Vladimir Putin.

President Barack Obama delivers remarks about ...The US representatives included a couple of paragraphs in the Michele Obama speech about human rights and how it all works in the United States.

Peking a Beijing University has a really good reputation, lots of lucky students hoped to hear something special and she did not disappoint everybody, it was another good speech.

 Obama along with the American media have been keeping the satire and humour up. The Daily Show, Onion and other comical sites have been doing all sorts of strange and random articles. Its not a patch on what you will read over on Stirring Trouble Internationally but they are doing there best considering all the control that is happening these days. 

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