Crisis In Ukraine Twitter

Twitter is a social media website where you can have your say in 139 characters or less. The news about Ukraine has been circulating under various hashtags (#). Adam Lovejoy in London talks about de-escalation and the recent ‘crisis in Ukraine’ from the polls being made on Twitter this week. In todays article find out more about how leaders of the Maidan were paid $2000 a day, foot soldiers from $20 to $100 in support of the new regime in Kiev during the protests. There has been various types of news coming in about the Crimea for example the bizarre incident of singing Ukrainian soldiers, OSCE reports from observers in the Crimea and what the EU think. Over on Stirring Trouble find out more about the sanctions against Russia and oligarchs and what people thought about that over on the website Twitter. Twitter is still popular and from Russia there is another popular social media site bit like Facebook called VK.com News And Current Affairs.

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