Of British Drones Over Libya. Could They Be Flying Soon Over Syria?

Could US and British drones bring peace to Syria? Or are they best sending body bags? No one knows.
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Las Vegas Nevada
Las Vegas Nevada by Night
» Hello All, and greetings from Las Vegas, home of the Air Force’s largest aerial exercise, Red Flag. I am in town for a full week, partaking in the excitement that is dozens of combat jets roaring into the hot July sky. And of course … Las Vegas, Nevada at Night (NASA, International Space Station, 11/30/10) More under investigation in Air Force scandal – Breaking news, sports and weather for the Harrisburg York Lancaster Lebanon Pennsylvania area A United States Air Force E-8 STARS (Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System) lands at Nellis Air Force Base while participating in the Joint Expeditionary Force Experiment 2006 (JEFX 06) April 25, 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you want to know what a Red Flag’s mass launch from Nellis Air Force Base looks like, watch this video « The Aviationist Have you ever wondered what happens during an ordinary day’s mass launch of Red Flag missions at Nellis Air Force Base, in Nevada? The following video will give you a clue. You’ll see several Aggressor F-150 and M-16, … Israeli F-16 damaged in air-to-air refueling mishap « The Aviationist No injuries were sustained and the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) has launched an investigation so that the cause can be found. Richard Clements for TheAviationist.com. F-16I fighter jets at Nellis Air Force Base. Too cool to be true: a night sortie on board the B-52 Stratofortress. As seen through the Night Vision Goggles « The Aviationist blinking navigation lights immediately after take off and, at the end of the footage (recorded during a Red Flag 12-4 sortie) the impressive Las Vegas light pollution as the aircraft line up for landing at Nellis Air Force Base.
US Air Force: directory – Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Word Doc (.doc), text file (.txt) or read online for free.
#30 Fallout: New Vegas w/Commentary – Volare! Getting In The Nellis Air Force Base
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»NBA Legends and Nellis Air Force Base is a great day for kids according to Vegas Sports Gab – In an event titled “Hoops for Troops”, 5 NBA legends hosted a clinic forthe sons and daughters of military members at Nellis Air Force Base. 3-time Hall of Famer Lenny Wilkins, Hall of Famer Chris Mullin, Gary Payton. Red Flag: Female crew chief joins AF for new challenges ~ Warthog News Wheeler, one of two female crew chiefs in the unit, is attending Red Flag 12-4 exercise, two weeks of air combat training, which simulates a wartime environment for military units at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev. As an A-10 crew.
»Locum Tenens Dermatology Job in Not Disclosed, Nevada with Randstad Healthcare :: Physicians Employment A dermatology physician is needed on a contract basis at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada. Work will commence in October of 2012 and will continue for one year, with possible extensions. A valid medical license is required for the F-15E, B-1B Modernization and Upgrades Defence Update The RMP is undergoing an aggressive flight test program at Eglin Air Force Base, and Nellis Air Force Base. Boeing and Raytheon are analyzing data throughout the test phase to verify that the system’s performance. Resolved Question: FALLOUT NEW VEGAS HELP? does anyone know what is behind nellis air force base, and is there even a way to get back there?

Senior enlisted adviser to CJCS visits Nellis The senior enlisted adviser to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff visited Nellis Air Force Base, Creech AFB and the Nevada Test and Training Range to see and better understand Airmen and their capabilities. “It’s been a 
News & Politics Chinese Air Force J-10 Fighter Combat Tactics Training
»The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force recently conducted more than 10 new combat tactical air training exercises similar to American Red Flag advanced aerial combat training exercise hosted at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada and Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska. The exercise is divided into two teams (Red for friendly force while Blue Team acts as the aggressors) to pitch their combat skills against one another. The purpose is to train pilots for real combat situations, tactical co-ordination, understanding system constraints and to develop attack and defensive strategies. The new Tactical exercises also aim to improve the long-distance inter-regional mobility, inter-operative and tactical combat capability. Also, members of a Chinese J-10A fighter squadron have been bragging to the media that they did very well in recent combat flying competitions because they were allowed to use a new electronic warfare pod. This seems to indicate that the Chinese Air Force allows competing squadrons to do whatever they can to win. Makes sense, because the new competitive exercises emphasise initiative and resourcefulness. This also reminds everyone that China has been making a lot of progress in developing ECM (Electronic Counter-Measures)
Military Folks Expose Cover-Up The Colonel informed Wilson of his duties, as well as the plane schedules in and out of Nellis Air Force Base Headquarters, Las Vegas, the closest acknowledged military.
Crews from BAFB taking part in recent Red Flag exercise Here is video B-52s fromBarksdale Air Force Base taking part in a recent Red Flag exercise at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. The exercise is a real-life combat scenario for aircrews from the US, NATO, and our allied countries. Video courtesy Staff Sgt. David Clark, 3rd Combat Camera Squadron. More in News & Politics
United States Air Force Warfare Center Change of Command Nellis Air Force Base held a change of command ceremony for the United States Air Force Warfare Center on 20 July 2012. TSgt Shane Cronin takes us to the ceremony. More in News & Politics
Fallout: New Vegas Part 24 – Nellis Air Force Base My play through/let’s play of Fallout: New Vegas on Playstation 3. I hope you enjoy. My play through/let’s plays are meant to be for fun & not to be taken seriously. If your looking for professional play through go somewhere else. If you have any question ask in the channel comments box or by message. Playlist – www.youtube.com Game: Fallout: New Vegas Console: Playstation 3 (PS3) More in Gaming
USAF Thunderbird JBLM Air Expo 2012 USAF Thunderbird doing their demonstration. Wasn’t as loud as I hoped, besides the sneak up by that one solo jet. The Thunderbird are based out of Nellis AFB, NV. These demonstration aircraft can be converted back to their fighter role within 72 hours if the need arises.
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101004-F-0782R-357 Official US Air Force»Disc Like UFO Spotted Over Nellis Air Force Base - Disc Like UFO Spotted Over Nellis Air Force Base Disc Like UFO Spotted Over Nellis Air Force Base. Area 51 in Nevada – The Facts VS Fiction Aug 25, 2010 · It is within the Nevada Test and Training Range and managed by the 99th Air Base Wing at Nellis Air Force Base. The state of Nevada has been home

Gable and Lombard and Forgotten Plane Crash That Took Hollywood Legend Feb 05, 2011 · … or Nothing Peak on Mount Potosi, an 8300-foot mountain peak in a range that marks the eastern slope of Death Valley and 32 miles out from Nellis Air Force Base. Las Vegas Drug Scene Oct 21, 2005 · For instance near the Nellis Air Force Base in North Las Vegas. Yep, you don’t believe me then try out the Wal-Mart parking lot it is unbelievable or near the Las Vegas, The America’s Playground Feb 13, 2006 · The campus of the University of Nevada, Nellis Air Force Base, Hoover Dam, and Museums including ones devoted to natural history, old neon signs from the Investing In Las Vegas Jan 16, 2007 · The city profited economically from the tourists and the city grew with the addition of Nellis Air Force Base and relocated companies from California.
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Introduction to Marine Division Tactics Course
Rotor Wash
Rotor Wash
»Introduction to Marine Division Tactics Course Filmed by: LCpl Donald Holbert LCpl Timothy Norris Edited by: LCpl Donald Holbert In June 2012, Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron 1 and Marine Fighter Training Squadron 401 from Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, AZ, and the 64th Aggressor Squadron from Nellis Air Force Base, NV, visited Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, SC in support of Marine Division Tactics Course.  The Nellis Air Force Base Solar Project – Green Future or a Portent of Doom? Mar 28, 2008 ·
There’s been a reasonable degree of media coverage this solar power project that the US Military is engaging in to provide the Nevada Nellis Air Force base . More in Travel & Events
The Terrace – LAS VEGAS, NV – Apartment Rentals
The US Army
The US Army
»The Terrace – LAS VEGAS, NV – Apartment Rentals LAS VEGAS Apartments – The Terrace apartments for rent in LAS VEGAS, NV .  The Terrace Apartment Homes has all the necessities to live comfortably with all the extras! Our property is located in North Las Vegas Close to the Nellis Airforce Base. Spacious open kitchen floor plans, garden tubs and full size washer and dryer. Come visit us today ~ Se Habla Espanol!  Moving Etiquette – Should You Tip Your Movers? Oct 26, 2011 · The Advantages of Hiring Movers in Las Vegas When Transferring to Nellis Air Force Base; Name That Move; Money Matters: The Cost of Moving Companies. im trying to find a good mobile scanner. i wana find a good scanner that is easy to use. also i live in henderson nv and i wanna tune in to nellis air force base which is about 17 miles from here…so is there amobile radio scanner that reaches nellis afb from my house? I need some help with some military information.? During the Cold War, Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A, intercepted a “spy” plane on its way to Iran from Russia. This plane had very advanced technology we didn’t understand. This may be classified information still but if its not could someone give me more information or a link to a website that will give me more information on this? It wasn’t shipped near the U.S., we intercepted it on its way from Russia to Iran, it wasn’t manned or anything.
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NNSA’s Ten Year Site Plan 2009-2018 for Nevada Test Site The Remote Sensing Laboratory-Nellis complex is comprised of 35 secured acres on the Nellis Air Force Base. The land and buildings, which belongs to the Air Force, is …
US Air Force: AFD-070409-036 by Tech. Sgt. Russell Wicke 2/20/2007 – NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. (ACCNS) — The 94th Fighter Squadron deployed 14 F-22A Raptors and 197 personnel from …
US Air Force: AFD-070322-039 Final. Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Environmental Assessment for Realignment of Nellis Air Force Base Prepared for Headquarters Air Combat …
US Air Force: Leader Winter06 The combat training exercise was started at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., in 1975 to give Air Force pilots from bases worldwide a chance to train against simulated enemy.
US Air Force: AFD-061213-019 NELLIS Air Force Base, Nev. — The Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron, “Thunderbirds,” has announced its 2007 air show schedule. The team is scheduled to.
US Air Force: AFD-070205-061 NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. — If a single picture is said to be worth a thousand words, imagine how much impact 30 pictures per second would be worth.

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Nellis Drones Stirring Trouble Internationally
Nellis Drones Stirring Trouble Internationally
Resolved Question: Where in the united states do you take a physical test for the navy?
My cousin likes to brag that he is officially an E3 rank in the navy and he’s only 20. We live in Las Vegas, nv and my cousin said he took the physical at the Nellis air force base already. When y brother joined the army he had to fly to Utah to take his physical. So I think my cousin is lying that he’s in the process of getting in and it’s been 6 months already. He also brags about it all over Facebook. So can someone tell me where in the us does the navy take the physical test? Could you also add the link where u got that info.
»Resolved Question: Military Discount On Disneyland? Hey so Spring Break is coming up and I was wondering, do they give a military discount on tickets for Disneyland? My girlfriend’s mom said that her friend, who is in the army, went to Nellis Air Force Base and got some tickets at discount prices and I wanted to do the same. Thanks for the answers everyone .
»Resolved Question: Getting my military ID dependent card tomorrow? My husband is away at boot camp with the Air Force and I got the application in the mail, we live in Las Vegas so I called ahead to Nellis Air Force Base and asked some questions about getting my card. My question is my Mom will be driving me and I have a baby so she was going to help with the baby while I was getting my card. Are they going to let us both on base because I have the form and we are in one vehicle or will they make her wait outside? I’ve never been before and it’s far from my house so I didn’t want to leave my baby at home for that long nor do I want to go by myself because I don’t know what it’s like and I didn’t know how it was going to go with my baby.
Resolved Question: Where are the nearest array parts to the Nellis Air Force base in Fallout New Vegas?

Resolved Question: Fallout New Vegas: How do I get into the Nellis Air Force base?

A U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster III aircraft departs from Nellis Air Force Base
A U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster III aircraft departs from Nellis Air Force Base
1. I need to get into the boomers either to neutralise them or make them help Caesar’s legion for the battle of Hoover damn. I walked up to the gate and they ignored me, I tried going through the train tunnel too but that didn’t work either. 2. Resolved Question: How do you get in the VR simulators in Nellis air force base in Fallout:new Vegas? Answer - Im in Nellis mess hall and im wondering if its possible to use the VR simulators is it possible. 3. Resolved Question: Fallout New Vegas where do I Raquel? Answer : Iheard she was at Nellis Air Force base but I can’t find her anywhere. I also heard that sometimes she doesn’t spawn. Is this true? If so how do I fix it?
2. Resolved Question: Will the military pay for our move? Hi, I was wondering if the military will pay for our move when my husband gets out of the Air Force in a few years? We will probably be moving from Nellis Air Force base in Las Vegas, Nevada to Virginia, which will be an expensive move. Thanks, Sara I forgot to mention that Virginia is not my husband’s state of residency. He is from CA. I’m not sure if this affects anything.
3. Resolved Question: I was born Nellis Air Force Base in 1991 my dad was a RAF liaison working with the US air force and our family was based out there until 1998 when we moved back to the UK for 1 year and then to San Fran where I have lived since. Both my parents are British and although I was born in the US I really consider myself British, but can I apply for dual citizenship because I don’t want to renounce my US citizenship and want to join the Royal Navy in October. As I have only lived in the UK for 1 year does this exclude me from military service or does the fact that both my parents are UK citizens allows me to serve. Dont bother saying why Dont you join the US navy, all my friends said that but my Dad and my Granddad served in the RNLI and my Granddad was killed in WWII while serving in the Navy. Dont get me wrong I am proud to be an American but I’m British first and foremost. Also how do you think I will fit in being an American an all.
4. Resolved Question: Can I use my military dependent ID to get on to any base? My husband is in the military and I have a ID. I can get into the navy base in San Diego, but while he’s on deployment I moved back to Las Vegas which has Nellis Air force base.Will I be allowed to get on to a airforce base? and if I were to bring someone with me and their car what information would they need to bring if I could?
5. Resolved Question: Nellis Air Force Base? My fiancĂ© is leaving in April for Nellis where he’ll be for 2 years, after we get married next year I’ll be moving there with him, but I’ve got NO idea what Nevada is like, any info would be awesome. Please keep in mind, I couldn’t care less about Vegas, I’m more interested in how it compares to Texaswhere I’ve lived my entire life, and where there is to do, how the air is, expenses, stuff like that. Thanks! Also, any info about on base housing what its like, how you qualify, is there a waiting list would be great to know.

Resolved Question: Living off base at Nellis Air Force Base?

  • the 4th Fighter Squadron, fly toward the Nevada Test and Training Range
    the 4th Fighter Squadron, fly toward the Nevada Test and Training Range
    As an enlisted member what are the requirements to live off base below an e-5 at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, NV? Resolved Question: Fallout New Vegas: Boomers Bug/Glitch/whatever you want to call it? So when I made it to the Boomers Fence at the Nellis Air Force Base, the dude with the rocket launcher wouldn’t talk to me. I tried killing him, I tried jumping over the fence, I tried everything. So I just gave up and decided to skip it. Now I’m close to beating the game but I can’t do anything because I have 3 quests that must I make contact with the Boomers. I’ve heard that this is some sort of bug but I don’t see a solution anywhere. Does anyone know what I can do or is having the same problem? I can’t beat the game because of this?  Does anyone know how I can contact the developers or Bethesda or just someone who can help me around this stupid bug?
  • Resolved Question: Fallout New Vegas question…? It’s the quest in Nellis Air Force Base, where you have to float the old B-29 bomber up from the lake. I’ve attached the ballasts to the bottom of the plane, went up to the shore, heard the detonator beeping, but nothing happens. Is it some kind of glitch? I have stood in every possible spot lol.
  • Resolved Question: i need some help in Fallout: New Vegas? Okay, I have already gained access to the Strip and everything. I know where Vault 22 and Jacobson is, but where is the Brotherhood of Steel? I know they’re in this game because I’ve heard people talk about them. But where are they? And where is the New Vegas Clinic and all that? I haven’t even found any signs of these things. Like the Nellis Air Force base. I was told that they’re all in one general area. But, where is this at? All help is appreciated.
Voting Question: fallout how do i get the brotherhood of steel to fight with me at Hoover damn if Hardin is the elder now? did the still in the dark quest, retrieved the Brotherhood discs from the Black Mountain, Nellis Air Force Base and REPCONN Headquarters, handed over the reports to Hardin, collected the scout reports from Camp Forlorn Hope, Nippon, and the NCR, i cant get the vent parts for Lorenzo cause Hardens the new elder. WHAT ELSE CAN I DO?

Resolved Question: how to get into Nellis air force base on fallout new Vegas?

help please I’ve already got Georges book resolved Question 1: Are there any indoor basketball courts on Nellis Air force base? I live on base and was wondering if there were any courts to ball a bit on.
Resolved Question 2: In Fallout New Vegas, can you make the Rock It Launcher?  found the schematic at Nellis Air Force base, but when i go to workbench, it’s not listed. Resolved Question 3: Where exactly are the two dead brotherhood of steel guys near Nellis Air Force base in Fallout 4? Please help, i am already inside the fences of Nellis Air Force Base, but i can find them. Currently i am standing in the front gate/entrance. PLease give directions from here Resolved Question 5: Is this too cheesy to send to an airman? I want to write a letter to send to the airmen and women who are either deployed or who have to stay at an air force base on Christmas. Tell me if this is something you’d want to hear if you were in their place or if it’s a little to cheesy. Growing up, I had a great love for superman. I’d watch his shows, buy lunch boxes with his symbol on it, and even had that childish wandering on whether he’d actually swoop down and save me one day. But as the years went by, reality struck hard and a discovered that this hero that I had grown so found of, the one that had become my sun and moon, was nothing more than a lie. He was fake, simply a thought put on paper but nothing that could really save me. And for a while I was bitter towards the fact but deep down, I felt defenceless. There was no longer a hero for me… But things changed upon my first visit to Nellis air force base. I tagged along with a friend as she picked up her father from work that day and on that very trip, I saw the most interesting people. They wore pearly glossed helmets and could run to their positions seconds after being called. They stood strong, as if their bones were welded from steel, yet wore smiles that could melt any heart. And when a person was in need, they would drop everything and fly to their side. I left the base that day with a new sense of hope because for the first time, I saw superman. And even better I saw ten, maybe twenty, maybe more, not only real but stronger and braver than ever! So I would like to say thank you. Thank you for restoring my faith in heroes, thank you for making me feel safe, for being my watcher in the skies, and most importantly, for becoming my real life superman. I wish you only the greatest wishes and the happiest of times this holiday season because you, more than most, deserve it. Thank you :)
Resolved Question: Fallout new Vegas XBOX 360 HELP PLEASE.HOOVER DAM? 3 questions 1: I am at the last mission at Hoover dam I have killed the legion got his eastern sword and his helmet then it sais deal with the nco person so I speak to him get all the Secoritrons to kill him then yes man sais to me he is going to reprogram himself then it rolls the credits i saved the game at the lucky 38 then it takes me back to the main menu were i have to reload it were i last saved instead of let me continue is there something I have to buy please help 2: i found a location called remnants bunker but when i go to open the door inside it says I need a key where is the key and on the wall is a computer it sais I need a paraphrase where do i find the pass phrase 3: at Nellis air force base is a virtual flying simulator i asked Pete and i did not have high enough speech when i went back he wont let me do the speech i asked everyone who else can I ask.
Resolved Question: When was the Las Vegas Nellis Air Force Base built?
  1. Resolved Question: new Vegas followers glitch? So I had Rex the dog and lily the super mutant with me and i went to Nellis air force base, when I left they were both gone and now I cant find them ANYWHERE. I have waited for 3 days in the same spot and they r still not showing up, this is getting really irritating since I had 2 open quests going that requires them to complete. PS the game in NOT on hardcore so i know they’re  not dead. i went back to every place that I had been within the last few hours they are just gone.
  2. Resolved Question: How do you get into Nellis Air Force base to talk to the boomers? I got the mission from the yes man robot and got past the artillery but when i get to the gate i can’t open it because I don’t have a key, and i cant talk to the guard who are there. Also i tried to go around the mountains and cant find a way around.(and I don’t have enough lock pick to go in the train tunnel). any one know how to get in?
  3. Resolved Question: Fallout New Vegas Help? I’m stuck on the quest “The House Always Wins, III”. I made it through the blasting outside Nellis Air Force Base, but I can’t get in the gate. How do I get into the base?? Please help!! Update: I definitely talked to George. I got the note from him and went from him to the gate – several times – but still nothing. There are two Boomer guards right there behind the gate but nothing happens. This is a biggie, since so many quests – including the main story – depend on getting in there. Any ideas?
  4. Resolved Question: Fallout New Vegas Still in the Dark Question? Okay well I found the brotherhood of steel in the hidden valley and started the quest, found one of the dead men by the Nellis Air Force base, and am at the Repton Headquarters now, on the quest marker it lead me to a door which is locked. (Hard) is that the only way I can finish the quest is with 75 lock pick? It’s not leaving, I’m trying to find the holotype.
  5. Resolved Question: Fallout new Vegas GAME BREAKING GLITCH!? I am somewhat 11 hours in the game and do not want to restart my progress. The boomers at Nellis air force base have a bug. The man at the gate that will start your entry through the gate i cant talk to. Instead of awaiting the player with an auto conversation his back is turned to the gate and i cannot talk to him. HELP ME PLEASE. I NEED THE BOOMERS TO PROGRESS IN THE GAME!
Voting questions from the game
  • Voting Question: Fallout new Vegas GAME BREAKING BUG!? I am somewhat 11 hours in the game and do not want to restart my progress. The boomers at Nellis Air Force Base have a bug. The man at the gate that will start your entry through the gate i cant talk to. Instead of awaiting the player with an auto conversation his back is turned to the gate and i cannot talk to him. HELP ME PLEASE. I NEED THE BOOMERS TO PROGRESS IN THE GAME.
  • Resolved Question: Fallout new Vegas BIG glitch? I am somewhat 11 hours in the game and do not want to restart my progress. The boomers at Nellis air force base have a bug. The man at the gate that will start your entry through the gate i cant talk to. Instead of awaiting the player with an auto conversation his back is turned to the gate and I cannot talk to him. HELP ME PLEASE. I NEED THE BOOMERS TO PROGRESS IN THE GAME!
  • Resolved Question: Small sandwiches in Las Vegas Area? Near Nellis…? I am looking for a local restaurant that makes sandwiches that are about 4 or 5 inches across or up to 6. I tried subway, port of subs, etc but they are just not really good. Love capriottis but too much food. I am looking for something that is small and I can easily order a bunch of them for a party. I live near the Nellis Air Force base but cannot get on the base though. Any suggestions?
  • Resolved Question: When do static displays arrive at Nellis Aviation Nation? What day do static displays usually arrive for the Nellis Air Force Base Airshow?
  • Resolved Question: Strange email behavior. Is this a scam or a practical joke or what? Someone using my first and last name requested auto and health insurance quotes from almost 20 companies, giving them a fake mailing address (on Nellis Air Force Base, and the staff tells me there’s no residence at that address) and having the quotes sent to MY email address. So far nobody has asked me for any money or anything. It’s just really odd. Anybody have any idea what this might be about.
  • Resolved Question: Nellis Air Force base? Looking for your opinion on the base and the surrounding area. What you liked and disliked about the base or the area.
  • Resolved Question: help with emp screening for spouse? OK I was going through A.I.T in ft. Eustis and i get my orders for Hawaii a week and a half before i graduate. it was not enough time to do all the paperwork that was needed to get my wife to go with me. now im on 2 weeks leave before i report to my duty station trying to figure this whole emp thing out. i have the DA from 5888 but can not find a physician to fill it out. the only base that is around is Nellis air force base. im really lost here i cant figure out what to do. i figure she is going to have to wait to join me in Hawaii but i would feel a lot better if i knew the ball was rolling. any help would be appreciated
  • Resolved Question: U.S. Air Force Security Forces? I got a few questions about the U.S. Air Force, and I hope someone can answer them for me. I was planning on joining the AF and going for Security Forces. 1) Is it better to go to college and become an Officer for SF, or just enlist? 2) If I’m currently in college (freshman year), what rank do I get if I enlist? 3) What are the possibilities of being deployed overseas as SF? 4) Can I get a college degree (Bachelor) while serving active duty? 5) Where do I station after boot camp and my job training? What are the chances of being send where I want to be send? 6) Are there any chances of being sent to Nellis Air Force Base and work at Nellis Testing Range in Nevada? 7) Is it a good MOS if I want to become a cop some day? 8) What are your recommendations? Thanks.
  • Resolved Question: What part of Nellis Air Force Base can you record Red Flag exercises. Red Flag are the military exercises where our country and other allied military around the world participate in joint-mock “war games.” I am just wondering if anyone on Y/A! knows a good spot to film the plane. I know there are some good spots as seen on YouTube. Also, when is Aviation Nation 2010? Thanks.
  • Resolved Question: Nellis Air Force Base Question, how do I mail a Christmas present….? I would like to mail a christmas present to someone who works n the base in the issue and supply department. I belive that’s what it’s called. Can I do that? Whats the address? I imagine it would look something like this… ATT: John Smith Issue and Supply Department Nellis Air Force Base Las Vegas Nevada, 12345 Could you give me the correct address and format i should label the package? As if I wanted John Smith an airman to receive it? Please help, must not lose this package. I really need it to get there and not lost somewhere on the base…. John smith lives off the base, and if I ask for their address it wont be much of a surprise, but i know where they work, but being an air force base, im not sure how I should label the package? And is it even called issue and supply?
  • Resolved Question: Where can I buy/rent a cheap place to live in Nevada?It needs to be somewhat near Nellis Air Force Base. (No more than 45 mins away) and NOT in Reno or Vegas. It needs to be under 800$/month
  • Resolved Question: what is a good radio scanner?
Resolved Question: how is Nellis air force base housing and how long do you have to wait till you get on base housing? How is Nellis air force base housing and how long do you have to wait till you get on base housing??? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090622162027AAhNq2k
Resolved Question: Anything to do in Las Vegas by myself?
Hello! I am planning a trip to Las Vegas by myself and will be traveling alone, I had some friends that wanted to go with me but bailed on me so now it will be a solo mission. What do you recommend to do? (besides gamble which will be one of my less consuming activities) I will take about $1,000 spending cash with me, and will be there for a week.. maybe 2 if I feel up for it (I’ve got a lot of free time, let’s just say it like that). I am single, so I’ll be looking for the women (not the kind that you have to pay for to get a venereal disease). I’d go to a nightclub out there but I’d feel weird standing there on the dance floor, unless anyone knows of any singles midst’s events. I definitely want to rent a car while I’m out there so that I can see the outskirts of the city (Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Nellis Air Force Base — since I’m planning to join the Air Force) Anyone know of other sites to see that could be fun? Last time I went there was a place u could go to rent fast exotic cars (Vipers, Porsche’s)… Anyway, any bit of help would be appreciated.. Thanks so much! Joe http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090324112310AAPMlXh
Resolved Question: Is there a way to get the records of the people at an airforce base? I am looking for someone I haven’t talked to in a year who is in the airforce and I want to send him a letter. But I don’t know if he is still at Nellis air force base, is there a way for me to check or find out?
Resolved Question: EASY 10 Points… Does the Nellis Air Force Base have a GameStop in it? Someone told me that the Nellis airforce base in las Vegas, nv had a game stop in it by the BX. I didn’t think it was true. I haven’t been there in a while so I don’t know, but last time I went I didn’t see one.
Resolved Question: Anyone living in Nellis Air Force base Las Vegas? what is the number to the main store,or Exchange,thank you…I just moved here but I live off base.
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Nellis Air Force Base-Red Flag Forum comments
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