Are The Markets In Russia And The West Really Changing?

English: Detail from Government. Mural by Elih... Ben Delicious is in Brussels reporting about economics from Russian's point of view. The entry takes a good look West and includes helpful tips directed at the Ukraine to remind and help them understand better the world economic forum in 2014. Firstly a question: Are Investors right in thinking war may break out in Europe? From the outside looking in anyone might think this is true. However its very clear that new sanctions are put in place to prevent the market from melting and also slows down other troubled news from around the world.

  • For example read all about the American US Federal Reserve and how they influence the rest of the controllers of the world economy.
  • Find out more about the hidden charges behind European governments who are now printing new money.
  • Read all about letting banks and subprime lenders who have been charging extortionate rates higher than the base interest rate.
Ceci n'est pas deux euroTodays entry taps into the thoughts and feelings behind Big Brother. And takes an overview of Central bankers who's job it is to explore and promote money, gambling and research and share to us the markets.

The next phase as we have seen in the past is all the military looting around the world like we see in other less unfortunate countries. Things get damaged and a lot of valuable history is lost and yes lives get effected too. Yes it seems there is a stand off between Markets in Russia, West, United States and Europe, but what does this mean to you?

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