This report is abbreviated version from Correspondent  of Itar-Tass Bukalov, Vera Shcherbakov, Miller and other journalists. The report is a comprehensive overview of Russian topics currently popular and being researched further to help the world we live in. From current affairs around the world, to narratives and texts to support beliefs and cultural challenges today.

The first topic highlighted is from the Italian government about Silvio Berlusconi entrepreneur billionaire who owns the company "Mediaset and the strategies they are using to challenge the system. Berlusconi's is in support of Enrico Letta and Angelino Alfano who served as vice prime minister and head of the Interior Ministry.

In March, Silvio and his brother Paolo publishers of  Giornale a newspaper popular in Italy received a sentence for disclosing confidential information. It was only six years ago Romano Prodi seat was lost due to bribery happening in Italy. Itar-Tass correspondent Miller reported on the twenty sixth of May about chestnuts planted in Italy street Khreschatyk.  There are two hundred and eighty five chestnut trees imported from Italy two of which are resistant to wood diseases. This research was made in a botanical garden in Kiev about the Chestnut tree.

Professionals think  there are about 2,000,000 Chestnut tree's in Kiev that were planted in 1825  in Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. In 1842, the Governor-General Bibikov for the Tsar Nicholas planted chestnut tree's from the Balkans.

You can see a good example of this on the Boulevard of Taras Shevchenko. First Prilep set the Guinness record in 2008 as part of a city holiday St. Nicholas  for cooking 80 thousand one hundred and ninety one stuffed cabbages. Travelers and Polish researchers have all followed the trail through Siberia to Russia to find stories like these. The Poles were a topic of research in Siberia.

They studied their language and culture customs. The Association of Polish Journalists Stephen Bratkovsky urged Poles not to renounce the Siberian past because this research has really helped the Poland we see today. This view is shared by many Polish scholars about the research done in Siberia. An expedition has been arranged for the patronage of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National.

The Russian ambassador in Poland Alexander Alekseev and the abassador in Poland to Russia is Wojciech Zaionchkovskii. Both are working together on a project Palkevich in the Russian Geographical Society. Chinese scientist believes that the North American Indians descended from the Chinese. American Indian culture discovered a US dedication to Native American tribes.

DaveIbizaThis information well most of it was shared by Du Gantszyan at the cultural and anthropological seminars, that is the observed and documented rituals and customs of the American Indians, the instruments they used and the texts they reffered to as reference to help their society.

 In central China's Hunan Province historical documents like the "Book of Mountains and Seas" describes the geography of China their neighbours and descendants and tracking their movements overtime on sea, which did lead to America. Du Gantszyan is the author if you want to do further research yourself he spoke about Christopher Columbus from Plymouth who was actually helped or beat to the post by medieval Chinese navigator Zheng He.

In Saudi Arabia there are reports about Women who are married using  air conditioning, saying it can create immoral behaviour for married women home alone. Muslim and nesunnitkami, said the Koran, the sacred book of the faithful, it is not prohibited.

For a video of his speech was published on the "U-Tube" and called the Bureau of extremely negative responses around the world. “Мы готовим на понедельник поездку в Италию наших представителей в фирму, которая поставила саженцы каштанов”,
Stirring Trouble Internationally '...ПОДБОРКА-ТАСС...'

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