Moving Forward after Ukraine elections CCTV with @StirringTrouble @anandnaidoo #News

Alexander Nekrassov on the CCTV America TV show 'The Heat'. This is a really good interview and explains a lot of information in an objective way. If you are interested in good journalism and are looking around for comprehensive news, CCTV is definitely a decent place to start your day. The website is really good and I am recommending here on Blogger for you to see for yourself.

This is a news television show aired recently which is an informative interview about Maid an, Crimea, Ukraine and Russia. Below is a You tube video of a segment of the video. If you search around CCTV News I am sure you will find the article and video in its entirety.

Currently  negotiations are taking part behind the scenes around the world to create peace in the Ukraine. Alexander speaks to Washington CCTV Anchor Anand Naidoo @ANANDNAIDOO follow him on Twitter.

The main questions asked are about the voting process in the Ukraine. Ukraine has recently announced a new candidate to represent the country. You can find exactly how the Ukraine is moving forward in the elections by watching the video below as Anand Naidoo speaks to former advisor to the Kremlin Alexander Nekrassov.

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