Money, Money. Where Has All The Money Gone?

£300 Billion has been invested into money money money banking, that works out a very large investment. The time has come to get the balloons and start a party investment. Your money money money is being invested and the transactions from this money money money money is being made by the bankers who have access to this £300 billion.

Some might say £300 billion money money money would go a long way, 

knowing how to spend £300 billion wisely depends on the what the people investing and spending do with this bankers money.

£300 Billion is a lot of money money money and requires strategic thinking when investing. 

There is a lot of interest that can be made on £300 billion. Some of the investments with money are discussed over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. In this post I have included a song by ABBA.

In the image you can see some English money. The song by ABBA below is called Money Money Money. The post over on Stirring Trouble Internationally is called:

Martin McCauley writes from London: Wondering why it is so difficult to get a bank loan?

Via StirringTroubleInternationally.Com

Money, Money, Money. Where Has All The Money Gone?

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