Using The F-Word Properly. And Keeping Its Sparkle Intact

In New York this week The F-word is debated by Joe Biden. In politics swearing is not accepted but in the mainstream most politicians do like to use the F-word.

A lot of people find offencive whenever the F-word is used, so in politics it is important to use better terminology when trying to articulate what one another means by what they are saying.

Dan Majestic notices that in New York these debates are being used to align politics with common slang of swearing. He also highlights the danger of burning out therefore making words fizzle out by loosing there sparkle.

Some of the words used area bit choice and nothing compared to the F-word and recommends the use of these types of words should be used more sparingly in light of the debated outcomes.

Using The F-Word Properly. And Keeping Its Sparkle Intact.
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