The Gathering In Davos

Davos, Switzerland
2014 See on News From Stirring Trouble Internationally and Conspiracy buffs got it spot on about the World Economic Forum in Davos: a gathering of spivs who plot against the rest of us.

Anton Goryunov writes about the annual World Economic Forum, Davos  read more about the G8, G20 and European Union summits and International Monetary Fund and World Bank. Get the inside information from the knowledgeable new world statesmen, have the luxury of being able to explore the captains of industry and banking  in Davos. 

A crisis in the world economy 50 years later with the same people making all the money who leave crumbs to feed the few. Davos, Switzerland Conspiracy buffs Davos started a new forum called Shaping The Post-Crisis World to cover  Up any signs of economic slumps. 

Bernie Madoff put his hands up for a loss of $150 billion, whilst all the rich investors were very happy that this type of thing happens day in day out.  2008 was a start of a lot of the breaking news reaching mainstream, people started to join the Soviet style march to improve the economy. See on www.stirringtroubleinternationally.com

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