If You Look Like An Eccentric Back It Up With Something Unusual

Adam Lovejoy reports from London about eccentricity and fashion. Adam takes a look at fashion and how women dress these day and points out that if you look like an eccentric back it up with something unusual.  Now the first thing an eccentric noticeably definable is the clothes which is normal, everyone understands these statements and expect something special. Being accepted means doing something extraordinary. You often find this, the picture above shows two women with luminous clothes on and luminous socks to match. This is a reoccurring eccentricity in fashion that comes up now and again.

Ask yourself this question are you someone who buys a book and highlights it with multicoloured felt pens or not. This could be one way of explaining why these trends come back and forth. This may seem like idiocy as a comparison however when you understand how people require attention in the busy world we live in and unable to distinguish text for further references it makes a lot of sense.

Getting fashion right is no mean feat, best thing to do is go out and see what other people are saying for example this week the Frieze Art Fair is on in London. You could also align yourself with Lady Gaga who is very popular on Twitter and may be impressed with another luminous clothes or luminous socks revival. 

Its ok for men to especially if they have long trousers and no one can see that they are wearing luminous socks, its just a bit of secret eccentricity. If you take a look at what it actually means to be eccentric on Wikipedia you will find it has nothing to do with these fashion statements. 

Thats the great thing about Wikipedia, someone can update it add in some great quotes and edit certain pages when new trends happen in the news. You see this particularly in biographies of people still alive and when new archives of information come in about famous people who are no longer with us. I think you will find there is something unusual that you can find to support you on your own journey of eccentricity. 

And don't let anyone say you look a bit of an oddball because its simply not true you just have to prove it, the problem is you have about, hmm 30 to 60 seconds. 

Also as fashion changes the pressures on people to conform can often make them go overboard and end up being described as eccentric and unusual rather than being unique, talented and special. If you look like an eccentric you'd better be able to back it up with something unusual as well.