Music News From Britain – Sunday 10 March 2013

BRITAIN ST. New popular musicians had issues with these older instruments however, my guess is that they were not interested in Mozart and Chopin and had no time to learn the complex compositions from composers. The piano is a fantastic instrument and most successful musicians from here in Britain know how to play it. Musicians like Yanni create great emotion with this amazing instrument, piano music is said to cure health problems. If you would like extra facts about click here digital piano.
glastonbury 2013 Related articles Here in Britain the Piano is a much-loved instrument musicians Yanni, Mozart, Chopin all agreed that Britain was a great place to play the piano. In today's article Freddie Matthews is in London the heart of where piano's were made and played and thankfully still are played. The news from London about the British music scene today include new about Engelbert Humperdinck last year and more upfront info about the Eurovision Song Contest and people who hopefully will play the piano there.
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  The popular music scene bands that value the piano are bands like Kasabian although they play guitar and their star player Serge Pizzorno is confirmed that he is over the moon about the Glastonbury Festival this year and recommends you should start trying to get your ticket now. Glastonbury Festival if you like Lady Gaga and enjoyed getting out to the  London Olympics 2012 and the music they played there then I am sure you will enjoy what is being said here about piano's. Another big fan of the piano surprisingly is Justin Bieber British he has been in the news this week about being late for a concert, many famous pianists years ago would keep the audience waiting in anticipation. The audience has changed in theatres thankfully moms bring there kids to the theatre so they can listen to the music live the same music they play on iPods. Big venues like London’s O2 Arena before couples would go out and listen to pianist play in small theatres. The larger audience and the change in the type of people who go out has added more pressure on the musicians, also the musicians have become a lot younger now with new technology. Things are a lot easier now, but more people is more stress and being late is more frowned upon than it was then. A lot of pressure is on the moms, the music has changed and thankfully kids still like to get an early nights sleep. ITV are also celebrating this week by broadcasting The Big Reunion of their favourite bands here is a picture of Simon, Antony, Lee and Duncan. Another British artist known for his beach parties and passion for the piano is in the British News this week. He has been all over such as he has done the Great Wall of China, the thing is the politicians in Westminster are looking forward to a good knee's up and have invited him to DJ near Big Ben. BRITAIN ST. (Photo credit: marc falardeau) Pianos have entertained hundreds grand instrument composers like Mozart and Beethoven come to mind. The piano's bought their boost within the hundred years between 1790 and 1890 when stronger metal and iron was manufactured made in Britain were Iron frames metal piano's and they made great instruments. Mi piano/ my piano (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Musical instruments have been about for centuries and here in Britain life is no different, the first piano was called a Broadwood they became very popular in 1820 when people of middle class in Paris imported them the reason they are so popular is because they served a double action purpose the piano for rapid playing. 
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