United Nations Approves New Sanctions Against Nuclear North Korea

un sanctionsIn the news this week a lot of people are looking at the United Nations, North Korea and to sort everything out we do not hear enough about the United States, Education, Politics, Media, Mitt Romney, New York Times, Republicans or indeed Twitter. Well today Ted Obvious reports from New York about what the United Nations Security Council are saying about North Korea and its plans for underground testing of nuclear. The thing is politically things are changing there and many people still hold on to communist ideas and Pyongyang is a hub for these sort of things. Negotiations are always in place between the UN diplomats and the despotic regimes, it's a difficult job but if there is no job to small, when anyone anywhere needs help they send in their A team members to go in a bite into the problem. Citizens of North Korea do not have much of a say in what happens, these are the people the UN should speak too. In cities like New York when the electricity went dead they went round and politely interviewed people. Uncle Sam, Washington and other Western allies all chipped in to help. The same global occurrence happened in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. recreating the mass media Mass media has created some interesting educational debates which have improved communications between the world and leisure media as mediums of political discourse has improved the roles as of every nations democratization. The new media sphere of hope from the United States created a greater awareness U.S. polity and culture and because of this more and moe people are talking about these things. It is also helping the world govern the way they do things, not everyone see eye to eye on these principles but most well read scholars understand these principles. The global curiosity about public policy and politics and other social applied science studies has created a common language whereby everyone now understand the terminology, well not everyone but most important representatives of each country understand what goes where and who said what to who, education is great for citizens who wish to go from a - b. A lot of studies contest the media pedagogy about the earlier infrastructure of the schooling system and challenge the company-dominated, promoting-saturated, information-and-communication-based, world economic order of this century and beyond. There have been some positive music from bands like Pink Floyd who challenged the education system one album you may know is the Wall the brick in the wall was the suggestion that the edu system was not working.  Dictators have to come to terms with Living in America and negotiate with the UN. Young Kim is learning a lot from the past propaganda campaigns and is letting the people there know what is happening, the rest of the world is very curious to exactly what is going on. kim jong unThe West can tighten its sanctions against North Korea until war criminals and presidents who receive Nobel Peace Prize laureate who  lecture at the world peace and democracy meetings UN lost credibility and the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon is finding out some interesting things about the international community. Source Stirring Trouble Internationally '...United Nations Approves New Sanctions Against North Korea...'
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