Euro2012 Is Boring. Overpaid Players Are Just Not Bothered To Make An Effort

Looking at Euro2012 and concluding that nail biting stuff it ain’t. Pretty boring actually, as the quarter final between Spain and France proved.
More affirmations this weekend that sport is not really something we should be at all proud of a results come in about England football team. The EU is doing surprisingly well and the UK are not doing that well at all after today’s defeat in the Ukraine. It is a sign of the times when penalty shoot outs happen. The spectators get more for their money.
    The clubs pay out more money to the players, the weekly salary justifies the need for great football player in the UK. The UK keeps up-to date with the rest of Europe and the amount they pay footballers. Losing is really boring, no body likes to lose. France a Spain have been doing really well.
     If you like going on vacation and watching football then you should be in the Ukraine right now watching these European football teams play football. England have failed to deliver, lets hope the Olympics is something that makes up for the bad luck in the EU football competition.
     It would have been great to bring a cup or two back from the competition.
     Soon the Olympics will be here and the celebrations can begin again.
     Its great being excited these competitions are exciting, the players are under tremendous pressure to win, that is why they are paid so much. Its difficult when young talented players are put under this type of pressure. That said this type of pressure is the same across the board.
     Without getting on the wrong foot of sportsman both France and Spain deserve some luck, looks like those bailouts will not be going to waste in Spain, Italy, France and other areas of Europe recently mentioned here on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Could there be a direct link between bank bailouts and football results. Who knows. You can find out all about what Stirring Trouble Internationally has to say by going over to Stirring Trouble Internationally.
During these difficult times of disappointment its good to read something special. You can go over and see what is being said this week and next, today though Anton Goryunov writes from Donetsk: I really feel sorry for all those sports commentators and football writers who have to pretend how excited they are with the quality of the games at Euro1202. Is Boring. Overpaid Players Are Just Not Bothered To Make An Effort.http://goo.gl/7EnU5 via @stirringtrouble #BORING, #EURO2012, #FRANCE, #SPAIN
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