Let’s Assume, For Arguments Sake, That Most Of The New Rich Are Idiots

If we assume that most new rich are idiots it would explain a lot of weird things that are happening in this world of ours.
A cynical look at creativity and mediocrity from Adam Lovejoy over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Today’s post looks at the art and cynically explores the weird things that are happening as more and more things become popular.
The arguments pointed out in today’s rant are about art and those that can afford art who have recently been stubbed the new rich. Today’s culture from the top down from the new rich is creating easy money from art. This includes the realities created from the art becoming a consumable item and how this is effecting people with wealth. Wealthy people who look to the art world for inspiration in a world where culture and wealth is becoming more and more prominent and as the economy becomes more difficult to distinguish between the favourites art and easy money.
Today’s post answers a few questions about the directions the art world is currently taking and the mistakes that are getting through the art barriers. The western art influence is teaching new ways and creating more and more of those new rich people. Adam Lovejoy takes a look at what they are saying and queries what is being said. Go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally to find out how this can help you with your own art work, art studies or perhaps you are looking to make easy money from art and your own culture.
Wealth (Photo credit: alexjtam)