Football Messi, Ronaldo 300000 Weekly Goals

Top players get £300,000 a week, if you like football then you'll love this. R.F.Wilson has been reading into Manchester evening news football games and submitted an entry about it over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Todays post is like a  Big Brother  catch up from the archives of the football fans forum. Wayne Rooney contract with Manchester United targets the champions league in the World Cup winners.

Messi goals this season were quite good stats for Lionel from Barcelona. Below is a video of Messi in action. Look at the way he scores goals, this is the 300,000 weekly ticket, sound cool?

Ronaldo, is worth 300 grand a week unhealthy partnership with TV networks. The quest for the next NHS golden boot awards as players make there bids for the most number of suspensions in a game. What’s going on in and around football Stirring Trouble Internationally.

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