Larry The Cat Oversea The Cobra Committee

Hello and welcome to this weeks satirical update from the archives of Larry the Cat. Adam Lovejoy reports about this Cobra emergency and the committee in 10 Downing Street. Find out more about what Steve Hilton said to PM David Cameron about Number 10, media BBC and what an earth the world can do about the influx of water.

The meetings of Cobra, according to Larry, always start with everyone in the room putting on a stern face and talking in macho tones, including the women.

Then Dave delivers an upbeat assessment of the situation, telling his ministers that there is no room for self-congratulation with the great things already done in Number 10 and next door in Whitehall Number 11. Dave 40 minute presentation, the coalition people in need and the Defence Phil Hammond making a good impression on the locals. Phil, as Larry calls him, has been making promises he can’t keep at those Cobra meetings, all because he doesn’t really have an army left and all the people that he sends to flooded areas are actually civilians, hired to Cobra meetings VIP caviar and smoked sturgeon. Eric Pickles the ten billion biblical floods over the recent weeks, climate change, the floods and sing-alongs Larry impressed by the Cobra meetings behind the scenes.

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