Francois Visit To Obamas

Francois Hollande's visit to the United States to meet up with Barack Obama has surprised a lot of people including David Cameron who is like many currently bogged down with climate change.

Life in Washington for the French President appears extremely extravagant compared to the life in the UK at the moment. In todays article read all about President Barack Obama news reports in the US, the statistic data about political preferences in France.

Sprinkled into today's post is the latest compiled news about the US National Security Agency and some additional data from the USA about the First Lady inside Washington. Stephen Colbert is an American comedian who has been what can only be described as the mouth piece of the Obama party.

The people in France statistically love American politics so they will be interested in stories like you can read today that Vice President Joe Biden term is coming to an end in a couple of years.

Rumours are floating around that he maybe going in another industry mentioned over on the main website. Read all about how PM Cameron can hopefully persuade the world back into loving Britain again by gaining favour with politicians in the United States.
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