And Why Shouldn’t The US Tell The Austrians To Search The Plane Of The Bolivian President?

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american droneWhere is Edward Snowden? Why does President Evo Morales want to help internet Ed? What kind of message does that send out to Barack Obama? More importantly why was Evo Morales contacted early and Russia got a late notification about the covert operation? Evo Morales has reacted to the plane carrying the Bolivian president back from Moscow to an airport in Vienna the plane was searched for Edward Snowden the US everyone is looking for around the world. The Bolivian president reacted saying that he was not a criminal and wanted to know why the plane was being searched Washington reacted saying it is quite normal for a plane to be searched when a President is on board and that Vienna airport was no different to any other airport around the world. [read more]

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You can find out more about internet ed and the opportunity to hang out with the bolivian president on a Google hangout. The Hangout is about drones, yanks, secret admirers, superpower information that goes back over 100 years way beyond any computer system and get to the real route of the intrusion and find out hoe news travels fast around Europe in this interesting article by Anton Goryunov reports from Vienna. Learn the secrets of the CIA and how they are accessing information and studying cryptography over on YouTube.  [read more]

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Find out what Obama has to say about human rights and how Internet Ed challenges military muscle. You will also find out how the dumbing down of the hot news about people’s privacy is causing ripples in the national security and what John Kerry says about privacy when covert operations like these take place. Dismissing European criticism for allegedly eavesdropping on diplomats, President Barack Obama suggests...  [read more]

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So what happened with that plane, you may be wondering? Well, according to the Bolivians, there was President Morale, flying over Europe on route to Bolivia, when all of a sudden France, Italy, Spain and Portugal refused to allow the plane to pass through their airspace, claiming that Snowden, who is currently avoiding American justice, was hiding on that passenger jet. So the pilots had to turn round and land in Vienna, because the situation was getting silly really. And the Austrian cops boarded the plane and looked for Snowden but didn’t find him. Facebook testing new ‘Host Chat’ feature as it tries to compete with Google Hangout, Virtuzone hosts first Google 'Hangout On Air' for small businesses AME and in the UK Bizcrowd Google are hosting a live hangout tomorrow too. Evo Morales was in Moscow with President Vladimir Putin they both attended an event about natural gas producers. The Bolivian President over a glass of campagne mentioned internet ed, perhaps this is why afterwards his visit to Europe was interrupted by the plane search in Vienna. A plane search may have meant nothing to me oh Vienna. [read more]

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