Time To Make Another Romantic Comedy About A Hooker Who’s Not In It For The Money

This is something that has been done before I hear you cry. The fact is it worked for Richard Gere in Pretty Woman and sold like hot cakes, people still read it today and watch the film whenever they show it on television again. There are two things about this popular genre that gives room for this to be repeated again and again,  is that it was not a comedy therefore, what do you think about a book all about Money, romantic comedy and then hopefully make it into a Romantic comedy film? Inspiration could be drawn from Monica a few years ago in the White House or just follow the usual Hollywood format and mix it with Middle East (preferably Libyan nostalgia) and call it something like pretty woman a Hooker romance waiting to happen what do you think about this would you buy it? Scout Dan Majestic has been to Hollywood investigating the high end life of a prostitute he is looking for real life Pretty Woman stories and is prepared to comb the big country United States capital to find it. Why should the Middle East, Libya be a good setting for this Romantic Comedy? Well if anything it is a great opportunity for a women living in America who is a Hooker looking for that rich man to take it to where the money is. It has probably already happened, do you know of anyone who has done this or made this move. Perhaps she has been promised something special on that one night stand and fallen for it only to find out the pressure of such a male dominated environment was too much to take and she came home broke, with nice trinkets and gold jewellery. Leave your valuable blurbs down below please.
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