Losing Sleep Over That Royal Baby?

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The Royal Baby In Buckingham Palace

Everyone are excited about the Royal Baby and all the media are camped outside waiting for the news of the delivery. Buckingham Palace is planning for the extra boy around the house. Social Media is a great way to find out what people are saying about everything.
  1. Meet a royal baby super fan
  2. Meet John: The royal fanatic sleeping rough outside the hospital on#RoyalBabyWatch @newsday bbc.in/12AxYKG pic.twitter.com/OxB7dzpekV
  3. Intuition brit - in honor of the Royal Baby
  4. Queen Jokes About Royal Baby
  5. It seems that the royal baby is due today so shall be keeping an eye on twitter all day :D #RoyalBaby #KateMiddleton #samenameasme
  6. The Royal baby, is expected any day now #16
  7. #FootBall #CelebrityNews David Beckham thinks the royal baby should be called David. dlvr.it/3gmR4K #InstantFollowBackDVBNews
  8. David Beckham Thinks the Royal Baby Should be Named After Him
  9. Queen 'would like very much' for #RoyalBaby to arrive before she goes on holiday: bit.ly/12VxI8K
  10. Liverpool prepares....
  11. The Royal baby, is expected any day now #2
  12. Queen hopes the royal baby arrives soon so she can 'go on holiday'
  13. It's going to be another sunny weekend & maybe the Royal Baby will make an appearance we'll have the Champagne on ice...#30DaysofFizz
  14. My impatience for the royal baby is growing by the day#pleasebeborntoday
  15. Latest developments in the royal baby watch
  16. Can the Royal Baby just arrive already!
  17. Ready for the royal baby to arrive today. Catherine? Are you listening?
  18. Any sign of this royal baby girl yet? WIsh I had bet on it the minute I knew Kate was suffering morning sickness!
  19. Tony Bradman & Tony Ross, The Royal Baby
  20. #TwitterNewsChat Royal baby - Royal watchers eagerly await the arrival of a child who will be heir to the British ... ow.ly/2ytgs8
  21. My five year old nephew asked why the world cares about "that baby" (the royal baby) and not "the other babies" (that came to Aust by boat).
  22. Interesting Royal Baby stat: the birth will directly boost U.K. retail sales by around $367 million, says the Centre for Retail Research
  23. Latest developments in the royal baby watch

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