North Korean Propaganda #TheBritishState

London Adam Lovejoy is in London talking about propaganda around the world and starts his story in Pyongyang and singles out Kim Jong-Un to articulate what power in politics can do to people. He starts by having a good look inside the May Day Stadium, to prove that North Koreans are not the only ones suffering from the heat. Life in North Korea particularly Pyongyang ever since Kim Jong-Un came into the news has fascinated people here in London, competition began to emerge when the Olympic Games started. Boris Johnson has also commented on the topic and is very interested in giving the Economy of the United Kingdom a hand to boost the Office for National Statistics.Londoners and the Olympic Games Mayor Boris Johnson and propaganda in North Korea. The British economy comes up regularly to so look out for news from the Office of National Statistics.

  • London (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

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