Sensible Drinking And Sex

social-issues-1-10-11 (Photo credit: slimlibrary)
Anton Goryunov in Moscow talks about the social issues a drink can have compared to having sex. This case study takes a look at Charlie Sheen who coined the social media term #Winning! Sensible binge drinkers are a different kettle of fish and the shit they do is different. The topic of Dope comes up and Anton Goryunov shares his points of view about his experience of life in the UK and life there in Moscow. The solutions recommended in todays post revolve around  DIY and manual labour as a solution for anyone who find things getting out of control and reminders readers that Drinking is not the only option. He explains as a consumer about an Alcoholic beverage and uses current trends like Charlie Sheen in his comparisons about what is happening in Moscow. Todays article also examines the drink, and looks through the lens of an empty pint glass and opens the lid on Binge drinking, Do it yourself, Manual labour and all kinds of interesting shit.

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