Thank God It’s A Boy! #RoyalBaby

The #royalbaby is born and thank God it is a baby boy the Royal family a celebrating throughout last nights full moon as people went out and celebrated them to a happy meal in places like #McDonalds. This post includes a satirical observations from people living in London who took time out their busy day to go out and hang around where the Monarchy live and deliver for members of family to the fold. The BBC and Yahoo have provided a medium for the world to watch the Monarchy of the United Kingdom, public services and politicians like David Cameron react as the birth became a success this sent an upsurge in social media interaction with the public and creates a buzz on Twitter. This report is from London if you are a fan of God and the royal family hit the like button. Perhaps you have followed this story and are grateful to the BBC for providing happy viewing and were one of the people of Britain who rushed down to McDonald's to buy a happy meal. Read the full satirical article over on Stirring Trouble Internationally here: Thank God It’s A Boy! And All Those Feminists Who Were Hoping For A Girl Can Go To Hell
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