Getting Carried Away. With Realism In Films

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This essay published about realism in films from Hollywood is a critique of MASH (film) published over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. This is a simple exegesis of the fictional film based on the real events that occurred in Korea between the US military and the people on the ground from the United States. The author leaves no holes barred and takes a good look at Sex in film, using Association football in movies to capture the audience's attention and how greed is used as a major cause by incorporating people sat around Eating into the narrative of the Film. If you like these types of Movies and want a glimpse of how to understand them better in your media studies then read along. Most people watch television shows and think that is it, there are all kinds of television shows out there. Before a show is confirmed for broadcasting a pilot show is released to see if the show is a winner or loser. In the early days these pilots were released in the cinema The Mash Show is a good example of this. Chris Gray writes from Hollywood streets about realism and uses one show to make his point. In this critique about realism he clearly outlines what realism is and gives his personal educated opinion about how it should not be used. You are going to read some closely guarded secrets from within the industry that leaves no holes barred on the subject.
Cover of "M*A*S*H (Widescreen Edition)"  Cover of M*A*S*H (Widescreen Edition) He asks probing questions about  food consumption and shares from the us point of view about necessary sex scenes in films to keep the audience engaged. You can also read a brief synopsis about the MASH film and get a basic understanding of what Korea might have been like in the period it is set. Fans of comedy and comedians will learn something new from this. There is something for sports fans too as Chris mentions about a football match scene in the American pilot series. He covers the basic structure of the  film industry. And helps the reader to not get carried way with to much of an understanding of the theory of realism In Films especially since the introduction of these new flat wide screen pay as you go TV's.
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