Social Media Ten Pound Messages

tenner jane austin
Ten Pound Jane Austen
 Do you find yourself checking your emails first or your Twitter stream these are just some of the questions being made about Social media over on Stirring Trouble Internationally, a news based satirical website in London. Today they pick up where Feminism left of and shine a light on Victim playing in any Social network and draw a clear line and highlight the starting point of trouble in online communities like Facebook. Ben Delicious reports from London about Caroline Creado-Perez who defines herself online as a feminist on social media microsite Twitter. The news made the television here in the UK about Jane Austin again, we know about the passion for the book and have heard all the endless recommendations on television so it is only natural to have it now in your pocket. Things are getting smaller so it is little wonder why someone on Twitter would go out and play the victim on there mobile device. Share this post if you think this is something you would like your friends to have in their pockets to or send an email with this link included in your variety of favourite links.

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