The Zimmerman Trial Obama, Biden, McCain And Co

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Speech about George Zimmerman

Dan Majestic an observer in Washington translating his observations about the US President Barack Obama on the topic of the George Zimmerman trial in Sanford, Florida. Todays entry highlights how everyone mentioned play the race card including Senator John McCain in the US Senate. Compiled in today's news for people living in America a people interested in politics. Joe Biden and Sarah Palin have all visited the White House and said there share, here in Britain Neil Kinnock said some things years ago which also puts an interesting angle on this case. It is interesting to hear everyone finding their voice on such a controversial statement.
Florida (Photo credit: colros)

The recent series of events have stirred up a lot of feelings and both Barack Obama have John McCain have shared their take to the United States on the matter and Joe Biden has also chimed in. There is also interesting news from Sanford Florida about other politicians from the past pulling out the race card including Sarah Palin, so Stirring Trouble Internationally is now sharing another angle from an intelligent observer Dan Majestic's take on what George Zimmerman shared recently. And how it has inspired people to share on a topic not usually spoke about.

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