Another Week On The UK Music Scene

StoosheAnother Week On The UK Music Scene

Freddie Matthews writes from London: The last seven days saw the feisty London grown up girl-group Stooshe, who were due to release their debut solo album Stooshe on 26 November, change their minds. Following a so called ‘rush of creativity’ which has seen them write some of the best songs of their career, Stooshe have delayed the release date by some 4 months until March 2013. Are you bothered they’re giving away a Christmas present to their fans, in the shape of the previously unreleased track ‘Ain’t No Other Me’, which will be free to download on the original album release date of 26 November? You’re not that bothered are you, in fact like me, you really couldn’t give a sh*t.

The X-Factor finally threw in the towel and lost their bottle this week with the announcement that the final show won’t be in the battle for the Christmas number 1 single. The X-Factor final will now be held two weeks before the Christmas chart race but music insiders still think that whoever the winner is, and my money’s on the ASDA worker Jahmene or 15-year-old Ella, that they may still hold on for the coveted Christmas No.1.

One DirectionEvery teenage girl’s favourite boy band One Direction is on course for the big double next week, in the form of a UK number one single and album. The track Little Things was leading the midweek sales early in the week but by Friday was being outsold by the new releases from both Bruno Mars and Little Mix. We’ll see about that one then. After their US Billboard No.1 album success with Up All Night, One Direction are once again attempting to bid for the UK No.1 album with their second album Take Me Home. This is a feat they are yet to achieve as they only managed No.2 with the first album but that UK release was back in 2011. However, English rocker and old-timer Rod Stewart is trying to give the baby boy band a run for their money as his Christmas album Merry Christmas Baby is just 65,000 sales behind, hang on 65k units? There’s no way his fans can make up that number of sales or can they? Do his fans even know what a download actually is?

Led ZeppelinOverly enhanced model Katie Price (once known as Jordan) has picked up her microphone again. Having previously heard her ridiculous vocal before, I have no comment other than NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The only thing this freak is good at is creating press frenzy around her disgraceful circus of a life. There should be a UK law, crime against music, to stop her threatening to ever go anywhere near a microphone ever again.

And finally rock legends Led Zeppelin have announced a CD & DVD release this week. At last some credible music to report on. The new CD & DVD called Led Zeppelin Celebration Day was recorded at London’s O2 arena on the 10 December 2007. I’m kind of wondering why this has taken five years to produce but who really cares as this is a great piece of music news from this week in the UK to end on.


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