New Albums: Taylor Swift – Red

Freddie Matthews writes from London: Red by Taylor Swift is this week’s UK number 1 album and that is no biggie in the surprise stakes. This is because in the 10 weeks leading up to the album’s release, Ms. Swift achieved five top 10 singles. You could say the album ‘not’ reaching the number 1 spot would have been more of a surprise.

New Albums: Taylor Swift – Red

Red is Taylor Swift’s 4th album. Her debut with the eponymous title was released just 6 years ago. That first album didn’t achieve quite the success Swift possesses in 2012, selling just 38 copies in the first week.

Taylor Swift’s origins in music lie in the country music scene. She was subsequently nominated for Grammy Award for Best New Artist Best New Artist at the 50th Grammy Awards.

Red is far more mature than anything Taylor Swift has previously produced. She’s dropped the teenage angst for the minority and increased the pop for the majority. There’s more credibility, attitude and composition. She even collaborates with both Gary Lightbody (from Snow Patrol) and Ed Sheeran but they just sound like her teenage friends, which is uncomfortable and unfortunate. A post made earlier today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally - A humorous take on news and current affairs.

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