Immigration in the UK solution or problem?

Henry Forth writes from London: British government statistics will show that more people leave the UK for jobs abroad than arrive here for work.

Polish workers

These are figures that will upset the Keep Out lobby who think once again that foreigners are steaming into the British Isles in the UK , particularly the South East, to steal our jobs and live off generous welfare benefits until they hit the career opportunity.

A couple of days ago we carried Red Harmisson’s incisive report on Australia’s dilemma in dealing with an increase of boat people. Well, at least Australian PM Julia Gillard has a policy, even if it’s not a very good one. In the UK seems to have missed the point: immigration works both ways. Johnny Foreigner can be good for in the UK, in spite of what the keep-them-out-at-all-costs lobby groups like Migration Watch try to tell us.

Immigration Job watch in the UK

In the UK and that’s why the British seem to be going the other way. Everybody Out!

In the UK areas, for example, the popular seaside resort of Hastings, there is a double digit unemployment rate.

In the UK economy can well do with coming in: professional overseas workers and sterling rich students the university bursars desperately want.

The UK has cut back during the past year on more than 20 per cent of the norm for study visas.

skilled foreign workers

Only a third of the Home Office’s allowed entrance quota was filled last year because bureaucracy stymied the legitimate requests by companies, especially the smaller firms, to bring people in.  Telling an ignorant electorate that the government will keep out the wrong people is good election politics. British in the UK have never welcomed people from overseas in spite of the image of warm and wonderful protecting the poor from persecution in some far off land.
The inconsistency in political ambition and practice is obvious when government understands this need to get people into the country who will enhance the economy but fails to do so. People want to enter the UK to study and work and leave. That’s good for the lucrative educational reputation and market. It’s also good for industry and commerce which cannot get what it has to have from home-grown populations. It is also good for the Chancellor who collects taxes from successful corporations as well as smaller concerns and the individuals they employ in the UK.

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