Dave's Obsession With Political Correctness It Happened To His Idol, Tony

David Cameron is obsessed with political correctness. It can bury him if he's not careful.

David Cameron talks about minorities in response to the press and public obsession with the topics. Recently what is called PC political correctness examples is keeping a lot of people up at night thinking about what is going to happen. A lot of people are noticing and adhering to political correctness gone mad examples, these are examples of political correctness which to some might not be examples of political correctness gone mad. Minority is not the majority it really can mean anything including race. gay people are at a minority because they are not many. The disabled people are in a minority. Certain occupations are in a minority. It is right to give thanks to these things because minorities need a voice just like David Cameron and Tony Blair do. The people in hard times right now are not to many although this is not to take anything away from anyone who is having a hard time. Another example is the amount of houses flooded recently in Britian there really is not that many compared to housing that has not been effected by such diverse weather.

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