French President Busy Getting Fat Defence Contracts In The Middle East. But The French Say He’s Still Le Plonqueur

Suzie Caron writes from Paris: The other President in the news has been in the job six months and is already wondering what happened to the honeymoon.
Francois Hollande in Jeddah
François Hollande The President With Nothing To Say But Determined to Say It – Best Do What Popes Do – Just Looka Busy! He is of course, France’s François Hollande.
He’s just back here from the Middle East and then a conference in Laos about Asia and Europe and probably wishes he’d stayed away. Sitting on his desk is a report by the French businessman Louis Gallois. Louis Gallois says France needs a payroll tax reduction of €30 billion. Hollande is going to have to say something clever about the Gallois Report. The wise Italian cardinals always told Popes during times of crises to raise their arms on St Peter’s balcony and “looka busy”.
French warships
What does he have to say about all this? ‘To exercise power nowadays is very hard,’ he admits. ‘There is no longer any leniency, any respect. But I knew that.’ He’s trying to “looka busy” and picking up the foreign statesman role. France plays an active role in the Middle East. Now maybe M Hollande is getting a clue from this first trip to the Middle East where everything but everything is whispered and behind blinking eyes and false smiles. A post made earlier today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally - A humorous take on news and current affairs.

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