The CIA’s Plan For A Cuban Spring With $300 Laptops – But Raban Saw Them Coming

Lonny Lamfrey writes from Havana: All this week there’s a story running the bars in this city that the CIA is handing out laptops. 
CIA laptop weapons
The idea is to get good Cuban middle class kids and half trained lawyers to torch a couple of cars and start a Cubana Spring. So it’s not spring but who waits for a solstice click when planning a revolution?
Not this time, he says, not this time. The laptops are real. But what’s the story about the laptops? Raban says a couple of Langley button-downs – as he calls the barely disguised CIA pay-rollers in the Swiss Embassy’s American interest section – are doing the business. They want Cuba. Washington is long on memories. The CIA backed the wrong candidate. They even inspired Romney’s people to run a campaign in Florida saying that Cuba wanted Obama to stay in the White House. Raban used to do the black rabbit stuff as he calls it. He spread rumours in the dark around the right people in Washington to see who passed them on to the CIA and then watched how they reacted.
fidel castro
Could be a dangerous game. Three years back an American was thrown into jail and the door slammed for a 15 year term for selling laptops here. That was something to do with subversive apps. So surely the CIA wouldn’t try again. Surely? In the bar, I read this out from my notebook and Raban mouths the word as I do. He wrote the script for Dolores. More Modello and another crushed lime each. Sure, it’s true. It takes a couple of hours but then it comes together. What the US guys don’t understand is that Raban is sending in some of his people who look eager for the morning IT lesson. A post made earlier today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally - A humorous take on news and current affairs.

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