The US Presidential Elections Offer No Choice Really

Its a close match the votes are coming in live, the coverage page on Google is from all the mainstream news swapping between the best shows as they happen. The polls currently show Mitt Romney to be in the lead. Other sources say Obama is in the lead, these results are from mobile phone sites which would suggest Obama has a younger audience of voters who have mobile phones. Lots of these phones must have ways of voting on Apps, instead of websites via Google. The thing is nothing is complete until all the ballot papers are gathered together. The results started about 30 minutes ago. It will be a long night.

Dan Majestic writes from Washington: Nail biting stuff, these US presidential elections. Two great candidates to choose from who are so different from each other. One is young and vibrant and a great debater, offering a clear and coherent strategy to turn the American economy round, and the other is Barack Obama, a cool dude, who never reads from the prepared text and has fulfilled every election promise that had given back in 2008, including cutting the budget deficit.

Obama and Mitt Romney both of them are not really all that great? Obama’s political correctness that basically gives the game away. Come on, a successful president doesn’t need to be PC. Minority rights are all very important but not as important as the welfare of the whole nation that these very same minorities depend on.

But in the other corner we have another brilliant politician, Mitt Romney, who says he can fix the American economy with no problems, but somehow get his figures and projections all wrong. Mr Romney says that he has made all his fortune by himself, all of 200 million of it.

When election lack the one important thing about them which makes them democratic, a choice between candidates, then they are not elections really. A post made earlier today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally – A humorous take on news and current affairs.